To help parents narrow their search for knowledge and information, we have curated a catalogue with recent scientific papers, all in plain English and all about deafness.


Important steps in early development:

Immersing a very young deaf child in a bilingual environment early in their development provides a ‘safety net’ for the acquisition of at least one strong language for future learning. If a child’s first language (whether signed or spoken) can be acquired within normal developmental milestones, there’s a much greater chance they will be able to use their language skills to achieve their highest potential.

The Platypus Playhouse range of learning tools is designed to help build Auslan skills for your child, your family, carers and friends.
Pip and Annie, their Besties, plus Froopies and Weggies, Matcheroo cards and more will facilitate playful, engaging opportunities for your child to begin to communicate and develop basic contextual connections with you, siblings, carers, little friends and playmates.

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